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The producer

Samahan.Online was created in the summer of 2017 as a student project.

The objective was to learn to "do business" with reference to a specific product, considering all the aspects that this implies: purchasing, logistics, sales, accounting .. In this way, concepts that were previously only virtual become understandable, such as price, value-added rate, margin, profit, fixed and variable costs, taxes, planning, material and space requirements, storage, and distribution channels.

In the meantime this project has become a real firm, for a couple of weeks it has also been presented in the English language.

We send dozens of packages every day, first within Germany and now throughout Europe.

Many satisfied customers have become true fans, friends, and regular customers.

For 2018 we have set ourselves high goals: naturally, we want to continue growing. In our program we have web pages in French, Spanish and Italian. We want to establish Samahan in businesses, Cafes, bars and restaurants.

The main team

Paul Kämmerer (16)

handles business execution: packing packages, labeling, shipping, returns, and accounting

Isabella Kämmerer (18)

She is in charge of social media. Its theme is to create new ideas for design, sales and distribution channels. It also takes care of the daily processing.

Enrico Reinhard (18)

is the designer of the team whether it is the web, flyers, labels or posters

Uli Niedner: (older)

as a parent supervises events and processes complicated tasks

and many other helpers

Link Natural Products is a Sri Lankan success story.

Founded in 1982 it produces various brands of tea, ointments and oils using very old Ayurvedic recipes with the help of state of the art production facilities (ISO 9001). Hundreds of farmers across Sri Lanka supply the necessary herbs. Today more than three million Samahan packages are distributed around the world each month.

In the midst of an acute cold phase I received from my son, some years ago,

some Samahan tea packets that he had brought from Sri Lanka. Just a few hours after the first cup, the cold and discomfort were greatly alleviated. Since then, I have been drinking Samahan daily as a preventive measure, and in typical cold seasons I consume several cups a day.

Unfortunately it soon became clear that the acquisition was quite complicated. Eternal waiting times for supplies, sometimes you had to wait months. Loss of packages, and customs formalities made continued supply very difficult.

At the same time, the number of friends and acquaintances who wanted to obtain Samahan grew. The idea of creating a virtual store was born.

Why Samahan?

It is our purpose to remain an open and transparent company, which is why we are happy for every email or call. We take your criticism seriously and try to implement your suggestions for improvement as quickly as possible. New ideas and suggestions are an incentive for us. We take responsibility if something does not produce the expected results and we find the solutions.

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