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Healthy Ayurvedic Tea
Sri Lankan
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  Healthy Ayurvedic Tea from Sri Lanka

We supply the original Samahan tea from our warehouse in Berlin, Germany, to all European countries.

Ready for delivery thanks to our extensive assortment

Shipping no later than the next business day following your request

Shipping by DHL or post

No customs problems

No delay

Shipping costs according to weight: (€ 4 to € 12)


For preventive purposes

Dilute 1 or 2 tea packets daily in hot water, optionally in hot coffee or milk

In acute cases

Eat 3 to 5 packets daily throughout the day

Children (up to 15 years) will take half the dose respectively

Samahan tea is an instant brew beverage with invigorating pungency



The Samahan spice mix has been known in Sri Lanka since ancient times. Samahan spice drink can be taken for colds, to strengthen the immune system, to regulate metabolism and digestion, as well as for muscle relaxation.

Regular intake of this tea can also help prevent infections, especially the typical illnesses related to colds and colds.

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